Madonna performs during her Rebel Heart Tour
Madonna performs during her Rebel Heart Tour concert at Studio City in Macau, China February 20, 2016.

Goh, the leader of Singapore's Catholic Church, has communicated the Catholic Church's "grave concerns" to various ministries and statutory boards, the Archdiocesan Communications Office said.

The Queen of Pop is currently in the Philippines for her first concert in the country.

The archbishop's office also said the authorities have assured that restrictions have been placed to ensure the concert does not offend religious sensitivities.

The guidelines put in place will ensure that religiously offensive content is not allowed on stage in Singapore, the authorities have assured the archbishop's office, it said.

Archbishop Goh said catholic Christians should not support "the 'pseudo arts' that promote sensuality, rebellion, disrespect, pornography, contamination of the mind of the young, abusive freedom, individualism at the expense of the common good, vulgarity, lies and half-truths."

He also said artistic expression should not be allowed to be overly permissive in a multi-racial, multi-religious place like Singapore.

Madonna started her "Rebel Heart" tour in Montreal last September. It is the pop queen's third and final tour under a $120 million deal with Live Nation.