Singapore residents have been warned of a phone scam with Chinese links that has duped victims so far with over a million dollar.

Singapore police have said more than 400 reports have been filed so far relating to the scam that involves a fake Chinese government official.

"No government agency will instruct payment through a telephone call and direct you to pay to a third party's bank account," the police said in an advisory, TODAY reported.

The scamsters would first contact unsuspecting victims saying their identities were used to send parcels containing fake passports or weapons.

This would be followed by fake calls purportedly made by a customs or police officer from China. This official would ask the victims' personal particulars including their names, identification numbers, address, passport numbers and bank account numbers, police said.

The scamsters finally threaten the victims with legal action consequent to which they persuade them to remit money to China to save themselves from trouble.