A helicopter arrives at a trekkers camp to evacuate Israeli solders after a mission to rescue climbers affected by last week's earthquake from the Himalaya mountains near Dhunche, Nepal, May 3, 2015. REUTERS/Olivia Harris
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A Singaporean woman who went missing on Mount Asahidake in Japan's northernmost part Hokkaido, while trekking, was rescued and taken to the hospital on Thursday, October 19.

As per reports from the police, the woman did not face any life-threatening injuries. She was rescued along with four other climbers- two Japanese tourists and two foreigners.

A rescue helicopter was sent to the location to conduct the rescue operations. The stranded were found alive on Wednesday, October 18, after they went missing the previous day, October 17.

Police reports suggest 71-year-old Masahiko Kato from Yokohama and his 65-year-old wife Yumiko first met 27-year-old Malaysian man and 28-year-old Singaporean woman while trekking on Asahidake.

On Tuesday night, October 17, 71-year old Kato called up the police, informing them that the four climbers had lost their way while climbing down the 2,291-meter peak. On Wednesday morning, the Singaporean woman informed the police over the phone that the four trekkers were safe. However, authorities failed to reach or contact them. The trekkers apparently took shelter on the mountain.

Rescue operations were conducted by tracking the footprints of the climbers. The temperature was minus 6 C around 3 pm when they were rescued with a 12 cm deep snow build-up.

Luckily, the 28-year old has been saved. However, this is not the first time that a Singaporean went missing while travelling. In 2011, a Singaporean went missing in Greece. The whereabouts of the 28-year old are still unclear and unsolved. In 2016, a 61-year old Singaporean mother and her 25-year old daughter went missing while travelling across Romania. The duo supposedly went to meet a man the daughter met online. A female Singaporean diver also went missing in July 2017 after diving into Castle Rock in Komodo.