Singaporean woman arrested for spreading notices alleging 'poisoning of water source' in Fernvale road

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A 40-year-old Singaporean woman has been arrested by authorities after she spread notices which alleged that the water source in a Fernvale Road HDB block is contaminated with poisonous substances.

The police arrested the woman under the mental health act, while PUB made it clear that the allegations made in the notice are fake, and there is nothing wrong with the Fernvale water source.

According to latest updates, the police is continuing the investigations against the woman. Police is still doubtful over the real intention of the accused to post such a notice which triggered public panic.

A notice which pulled everyone to a state of panic

"Our water source is heavily contaminated with a poisonous substance. Please use mineral water for cooking and drinking. Please cover all floor traps and sinkholes when not in use as there is unidentified gas present," read the notice written by the accused woman.

The notice was written in both English and Mandarin, and the woman had pasted it on the doors of several units of 406B HDB block. Many people who saw the notice became concerned about its legitimacy and soon informed the police regarding the incident. Many residents even shared the image of the notice on social media platforms like Facebook and tagged it to the Police department.

Water is safe, affirm authorities

As the notice went viral, the PUB collected the water samples and conducted adequate tests to make sure that the water is safe. The test results indicated that the quality of water is within normal range and is safe for drinking.

After the arrest of the woman, Gan Thiam Poh, a Member of Parliament and the adviser to the Sengkang South GRO thanked the community for working together with the authorities to track down the culprit. Gan said that this issue should be taken very seriously, as spreading rumors like these will cause panic among the general public, thus threatening the peace and public order in the community.