Singaporean who 'illegally exported' radio equipment to Iran extradited to US

US says 16 of the illegally exported radio equipment were later used in improvised explosive devices detonated in Iraq.

Indonesia extradited to the US a Singaporean national accused of illegal export of US-made radio equipment to Iran in 2011.

The fugitive, identified as Lim Yong Nam, was under detention in Indonesia's Batam Islands since October 2014.

"LYN was requested for extradition by US authorities for conspiracy to defraud the United States, smuggling, illegal export of goods from the United States to Iran, false statements and obstruction of justice," spokesman at the Attorney General's Office, Amir Yanto, said, according to the Jakarta Globe.

President Joko Widodo signed a special decree approving Lim's extradition as there is no formal extradition agreement between the US and Indonesia.

The Singaporean is accused of exporting 6,000 radio frequency modules to Iran. The US asked Singapore to extradite him in 2011 but the High Court of Singapore ruled that he committed no offence under Singapore laws.

Lim and three other Singaporeans were indicted by the US Department of Justice in 2011 after US investigations found that they for illegally exporting the radio frequency modules from a Minnesota-based company to Iran.

The modules were found to have encryption capabilities as well as wireless data transmission reach of more than 65 kilometers. The US said 16 of these modules were later used in improvised explosive devices detonated in Iraq.

Lim was arrested in 2014 in Indonesia when he went to Batam Island to attend a trade exhibition.