Singaporean and Thai Students to Benefit From Success Admissions Center's Expansion

Success Admissions Center

Getting into Ivy League schools and other leading educational institutions in the US and the UK is one of the most challenging aspects of university education. The acceptance rate at some of these prestigious schools can hover right around three percent, which means that every detail on your application matters, from your grades to your extracurricular activities, your essay to your SAT scores.

Every applicant faces stiff competition for one of these coveted spaces, and Singaporean students are no exception. The University of Oxford shared some interesting statistics earlier, that applications over the past five years have risen by 22 percent, while admissions stayed relatively the same. In the same report, it was found that 1,623 students from Singapore applied but only 193 were accepted.

With Singapore delivering nearly 25,000 students for overseas education, it's clear that they need help to make their application stand out from the competition.

Expert college admissions consultancy services for ambitious students

Success Admissions Center is a leading college admissions consultancy firm from Myanmar. It provides students with the expert guidance they need to get into top colleges and universities around the world, primarily in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Founded in 2020 by Thaw Zin Aung Gyi, a Brown University Phi Beta Kappa graduate and University of Oxford graduate, Success Admissions Center has achieved huge success in Myanmar and placed over hundreds of students into some of the world's most renowned Ivy League schools and universities, including Princeton University, Columbia University, University of Oxford, and more.

Success Admissions Center has a team of qualified counselors who can help students make the most of their application process. All counselors are graduates from reputable universities, granting them the firsthand knowledge necessary to shepherd students further along in the process.

The education expert assists students in fine-tuning their applications to their desired college through comprehensive student profile analyses, course selection and planning, mock interview simulations, test preparation courses, scholarship and financial aid applications, admissions essay guidance, and advisory.

In addition, to nurture students' personal growth and develop their soft skills, Success Admissions Center also offers extracurricular opportunities, many of which are led by its students.

Expansion to Singapore and Thailand

To further strengthen its presence in the region, Success Admissions Center plans to expand its service offerings to Singapore and Thailand. Given the large number of international students wishing to study at top-ranking US and UK colleges and the ever-increasing college admissions counselling fees, both Singapore and Thailand present a great opportunity for the Yangon-based education startup to offer its services.

Thaw Zin, founder and head counsellor of Success Admissions Center, said, "Our vision is to see more students enter top-ranking universities across the world and help them achieve their dreams. We have been very successful in Myanmar, and now, we want to help Thai and Singaporean students succeed as well."

Success Admissions Center will start offering its services in Thailand and Singapore by early 2024, in time for the 2024-2025 university application cycle. Students can benefit from its counselors' wealth of knowledge about the college application process at an affordable price, as well as its large student network, and participate in discussions, brainstorming sessions, and peer-editing exercises.

Services will be provided through both online one-on-one classes and in-person meetings at scheduled times. Students can purchase package plans that entitle them to get help with everything from application strategy to admissions essay editing and financial aid applications to extracurricular building. Alternatively, students can also purchase hourly sessions and get help with whatever aspect of the application process they need.

"The college admissions process can be intimidating and overwhelming. US universities are becoming more and more competitive. But with the right preparation, students can go through the process with ease and even have fun along the way. The best preparation is early preparation with Success," Thaw Zin added.

Singaporean students who are serious about getting into top universities overseas should really consider using Success Admissions Center's expert services as early as possible, so they can put their best foot forward and make informed decisions about their further study.

Interested students can visit Success Admissions Center's website and book a free one-hour consultation with a top counselor to learn more.