Singaporean man to face 24 years imprisonment for raping Primary 5 girl

Rape victim
Picture for representation Pixabay

A 52-year-old Singapore man has been jailed for 24 years after he was convicted of raping a Primary 5 girl in 2010 for six months before fleeing to Johor Baru. According to the prosecution, the girl was a neighbor to him, and while committing the offense, he repeatedly told the victim that engaging in sex is not a crime.

After the hearing, the court pronounced that the man is guilty of three charges of aggravated statutory rape and one charge of aggravated sexual assault by penetration. Even though each of these charges carries at least 12 strokes of caning, but the punishment cannot be imposed due to his age.

Details of the crime

The accused was a chauffeur, and he had known the victim since her birth. During the time of the crime, the man was 45-years-old, while the girl was just 11. The girl treated him as a mentor and used to talk with him whenever she gets free time.

The Primary 5 girl in August 2010 met a man named Charles on Facebook at that time, and she soon informed the chauffeur neighbour about her anonymous Facebook friend. As of now, she had never met Charles, and his identity is still unknown. The man later lied to the girl stating that he could pass her messages to Charles on her behalf.

One day, the man sexually assaulted the girl taking her to the top floor of their block. He also insisted her not to tell about the sexual assault to anyone. Later, he repeatedly sexually molested her on Sunday afternoons when she was supposed to attend a tuition class. After making her realize that the unknown man Charles has been injured in a car crash, the man took her to the multi-storeyed car parking and raped her inside the vehicle.

In January 2011, the girl opened up about the sexual assault she faced to the school counsellor, and her parents were intimated soon. Later, her elder brother lodged a police complaint, and an investigation was started.

Soon, the man fled to Johor Baru, and married another woman. In 2016, his ex-wife spotted him, and she informed the Malaysian police. Later, he was expatriated to Singapore on September 01, 2017, and the court proceedings were initiated.