Singaporean Jazz queen Joanna Dong crowned second runner-up in 'Sing! China' season two

Joanna Dong, the famous Singaporean Jazz singer has received the third place in the Chinese singing show "Sing! China" on October 8.

Joanna Dong came third in 'Sing! China'
Joanna Dong came third in 'Sing! China' YouTube grab

Joanna Dong, the famous Singaporean Jazz singer has received the third place in the Chinese singing show "Sing! China" on October 8. Although the Tibetan singer Zhaxipingcuo won the final, Joanna became more confident about her professional singing career.

She battled with three other contestants at the Beijing National Stadium in the grand finale. While the 31-year-old singer from Liu Huan's team claimed the title, Doris Guo Qin, coached by Na Ying had to be satisfied with the second position. However, a 101-person panel and audience members selected the Tibetan contestant as the winner of "Sing! China", season two.

In the finale, for the first round, all the contestants sang a duet with their mentors and a solo for the second round. Joanna performed with her coach Jay Chou and sang "Simple Love together" and "Top of The World". They, however, had the most number of votes after the first round.

The 35-year-old singer showed her much spoken of singing talent in the second round, where she sang Feng Fei Fei's "Applause". Although the limelight was stolen by other two contestants, Zhaxipingcuo and Doris, the jazz queen gave a smile but did not say anything.

"I will definitely be coming back to Singapore, and I will be based out of Singapore, but of course I will be shuttling between China and Singapore because it is, after all, really difficult to get your foot in the door into the wider Chinese market. Now that I have, I also feel it's my mission to continue to promote jazz to Chinese-speaking audiences, not just in China but worldwide," Joanna told The Straits Times via voice messages.

"I think I did what I could, and I'm really happy to have been able to share my music with all the audiences - here in China, as well as back home in Singapore," she added.

"I'm beyond excited, and I hope that Singaporeans are happy and excited for me too."

"There is no need for disappointment, because unlike an actual sporting event, there is really no objective criteria for measuring music, and to me, to have been able to make it this far, I feel incredibly, incredibly fortunate already," the singer concluded.

Joanna further said to The Straits Times that when she was performing in China's Olympic stadium, it felt like "participating in the Olympics' equivalent of singing competitions".

"All I ever wanted to do as a singer was to be able to keep singing into my old age," Joanna said after receiving the third position in the Chinese talent hunt.

"And so I hope that this achievement, or that placing third in this competition, is sufficient for people to be interested in me for a few years more," she further added.