Singaporean climber falls into ravine while climbing Mount Kinabalu, believed to be dead
A view of Mount Kinabalu Reuters

A Singaporean climber fell in a 150m deep ravine near Sayat-Sayat, during his training at Mount Kinabalu, a Malaysian media reported on Sunday.

The Mountain Search and Rescue (Mosar) personnel discovered his body at about 7:30am Sunday. The victim was unconscious with serious head injuries. The extent of his injuries was not clear initially.

The Sayat-Sayat point is the last checkpoint before climbers make their way up to the summit.

On Saturday, the man was reported as missing while he was training for the Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon, which is scheduled to take place on Oct 16.

It was scheduled to take place earlier but the annual climbathon event was put on hold following the June 5 earthquake last year.

The Star reported that the victim is believed to have died due to the serious head injuries when he slipped off the trail and fell into the deep ravine.

Kinabalu Park manager, Yassin Miki confirmed that the victim's body had been recovered and taken to a nearby hospital.

"The authorities are waiting for confirmation from a doctor," Yassin told The Straits Times.

When the accident occurred, the man was apparently alone.