Singaporean claim delay in opening floodgates at Marina Barrage, triggers flash flood [VIDEO]

Singapore: SCDF rescues 11 people in flash flood
Flash flood in Singapore (Representational picture) Reuters

After an extremely hot week, Singapore residents finally got some relief as it experienced heavy rainfall on January 24. Singapore witnessed flash floods in several places, the western and the central part were hit badly.

According to Public Utilities Board (PUB), the flash flood occurred in Jalan Boon Lay and Craig Road at around 5:20 pm. In Tanjong Pagar Road the water was noted to be ankle-deep.

Witnesses also said that water accumulated in Outram Road, in front of the Tan Boon Liat Building. After analyzing the situation PUB stated that the water accumulation was because of the ongoing works at its drainage construction spot in the area.


According to PUB, Singapore is still expecting the Northeast Monsoon season which will continue till March. They asked the public to follow the guidelines and avoid stepping into the flooded areas.

A recent post has asked residents to take immediate action if their vehicles happen to be affected by the flood. They suggested the following guidelines:

  • Check if your car insurance covers damage from flood
  • Call your insurer and assess whether you should make a claim
  • Bring your car to a car workshop and get it fully check!

Local residents have captured pictures of the scenario and have shared them on social media. A person on Facebook posted, "there is a delayed timing in opening the floodgates at the Marina Barrage", which apparently has triggered the flood.

Carl Nunes/ Facebook
Goh Meng Seng/ Facebook