Singaporean bodybuilder dies after boxing match, opponent in mourning

Singaporean bodybuilder Pradip Subramanian died in a shocking incident after his first Muay Thai match against YouTube star Steven Lim.

Picture for representation. Reuters

Singapore's bodybuilding champion, Pradip Subramanian, died shockingly after a Muay Thai match with YouTube star, Steven Lim, late at night on Saturday, September 23, at Marina Bay Sands. The fight was for the inaugural Asia Fighting Championship, at the end of which Subramaniam collapsed and had to be rushed to Singapore General Hospital.

The 32-year-old Pradip Subramanian was the President of the World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation (WBPF). Lim, who is 41 years old, won the fight by a technicality after Subramanian's nose started bleeding in the ring, reported Channel News Asia.

The match was progressing well, with Subramanian managing to keep an upper hand in the first round. He, however, got punched a few times in the second round, following which his discomfort started. Although Subramanian was on his feet when the match ended, he collapsed in the corner soon after.

Subramanian had replaced singer Sylvester Sim who opted out of the match due to insurance issues. This was Subramanian's first and last public Muay Thai Match.

Lim announced his victory on Facebook soon after the match ended, also stating that Pradip had been rushed to the hospital. After Pradip died about an hour later, Lim posted an RIP message for him.

"I am very affected by the whole thing. I won the title but I feel so sad," Lim told The Straits Times. "He looked like he was recovering, but in a daze, after a knockout."

"Most people understand that once you enter the ring, there is bound to be the risk of injuries. It's a normal thing, and it's a risk we are all prepared to take," added Lim.

Subramanian's family announced his demise through a Facebook post, which read, "Our beloved son passed away suddenly." They added that his wake will be held on Sunday at Woodlands Street 81.

The organisers of the match said in a statement that the AFC Physique Championships, Subramanian's project that was to be held on September 24, has been cancelled to pay respect to the late bodybuilder.