Singapore:3 students improve grades in re-examination after GCE A-level Chemistry exam script stolen

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Singapore students. Reuters (Representational Image)

GCE A-level Chemistry exam scripts were stolen in November 2017 and 36 students were affected by the theft. But in April when they retook the paper, three of them have improved their grades, as their results came on Friday.

The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) said on Friday that those three students, who improved the grades, will receive their updated result slips and certificates. Other 33 students will retain their previous grades.

In November 2017 answer sheets for Chemistry Paper 3, submitted by 238 Singapore students, were stolen from a courier van, which was transporting those papers to an examiner in Britain.

Reports said that chemistry Paper 3 carries 35 percent of the marks for the subject. The theft actually affected those students, who were awarded final grades on the basis of their performance in other three Chemistry papers and the combined performance in the subject.

The affected students were offered the option of re-examination for Chemistry paper 3 component in April and November 2018. But out of 57 applicants, 21 did not show up for the April examination. However, 18 candidates, who registered for the November examination, will give exam for the same paper, as others will sit in the 2018 GCE examinations.