Singapore Grand Prix
Workers walk on the track ahead of the Singapore F1 Grand Prix at the Marina Bay street circuit in Singapore... Reuters

Singapore was ranked fourth among the world's most-visited city in the world in Euromonitor International's latest Top 100 city destinations ranking 2017 edition.

Hong Kong took the top spot with 26.6 million visitors, followed by Bangkok with 21.2 million and London with 19.2 million.

Singapore saw 16.6 million visitors to the island, ahead of other metropolis such as New York (12.7 million visitors), Paris (14.4 million) and Dubai (14.9 million).

"Asia Pacific is the standout region driving change in travel. We expect the region to continue growing in the coming decade with Singapore overtaking London as the third most visited city in the world by 2025, giving the podium fully to Asia," Wouter Geerts, Senior Travel Analyst at Euromonitor International said in a statement.

On the contrary, the performance of European cities was hampered by the Eurozone and migrants' crisis, as well as Brexit and terrorist attacks.

Despite the uncertainty, some European destinations, in particular Greece, Italy and Spain, profited from unrest in the Middle East and North Africa.

Market researcher Euromonitor International showed the 100 world's leading cities in terms of international tourist arrivals in 2016 and includes forecast data for 2017-2025.