Singapore: Worker admitted in hospital due to injuries after his fall at Marsiling Crescent

Worker injured at Marsiling Crescent
Worker injured at Marsiling Crescent (Representational picture) Pixabay

A worker was taken to hospital after he allegedly falls at Block 217 Marsiling Crescent on Saturday at around 8.25 am. An eyewitness to that incident called for an ambulance immediately.

Stomp reported that the man, who was on his way to the bus stop near the incident location, suddenly saw the worker had fallen down. In a video, which was shared with the passers-by, some officers from Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) could be seen while attending the injured man and then loading him onto a stretcher. The man left the location after ensuring that the injured worker was safely transported onto an ambulance.

The son of the passers-by, who was identified as a resident of Block 216, said that he has seen the injured worker in that area and one of his neighbours had also spoken to the injured man in several occasions.

In addition, he said that he was not sure from how high the man fell but his father told him that he could open his eyes and move a little after the fall. As per the witness, apart from the injured man, there were five workers on the block but no one dared to move the victim and none of them came to help the victim. Maybe because they were scared that they would be implicated if something bad happened to the worker, said the passers-by.

An SCDF spokesman said that their officers had received a call at around 8.25 am for assistance at Block 217 Marsiling Crescent. They immediately deployed an ambulance and took the victim of the incident to the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, located at 90 Yishun Central, which is almost 20 minutes away from Block 217.

However, the further investigation is on-going to determine the cause of the fall, including other details.