Singapore woman who abused her chihuahua to death allowed to keep current pet for emotional support

The female dog abuser faced a year-long mandatory treatment order for causing the death of her pet Chihuahua by beating it

Dog abused (Representational picture) Pixabay

A 26-year-old dog abuser in Singapore was given a year-long mandatory treatment order on Thursday for causing the death of her pet Chihuahua by beating, feeding it only once every two to three days and slamming the dog on the ground. As per the court's order, she was also banned from obtaining any new pets for a year.

The accused Sophia Ong Daijuan had pleaded to a district court to let her keep the current pet. The court allowed her to keep the current dog, as a psychiatrist said that it could worsen her depressive disorder if the dog was taken away from the accused. She told the court that her current pet is her only emotional support and she had a panic attack when it was taken away from her during the investigation.

During court hearing Ong admitted that she didn't treat her previous pet well but "but I understand that it was my responsibility (to take care of them) even when I was not in the right mind," reported Today Online. However, it should be mentioned that the woman pleaded guilty to two charges of abusing the chihuahua, with another charge taken into consideration for sentencing.

Earlier this year, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) received information about the dog abuse and understood a fact that Ong might have killed her own pet at her home in Yishun on February 23.

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Woman arrested for abusing pet dog (Representational picture ) Pixabay

A friend of Ong stated that almost a month ago she saw the 26-year-old woman holding the dog up by its neck and throw it down forcefully from almost one and a half meter of height. She also mentioned that the convict also pulled its hind leg with excessive force that caused the limp.

It was revealed that in January 2018, Ong fed her pet only once in every two to three days which caused it to lose weight. The next month, Ong, said she took the dog to the toilet to watch the tail which was soiled with faeces. Later, the convict left the dog in the basin with the tap water running and got busy attending a call.

Ong told the court that when she returned almost five minutes later and found her pet submerged in water with its front right paw stuck in the drainage hole. The 26-year-old convict also mentioned that after noticing that the dog was not moving she tried cardiopulmonary resuscitation, pressed onto its chest and blew air into its mouth but nothing worked out.

On the other hand, an investigation revealed that the chihuahua's death was caused by a traumatic incident directed at its head and abdomen. Liver lacerations, bleeding abdomen and bits of bleeding within its lung were also found.

Singapore penal code is strict about drug-related offences or animal abuse. Under Section 41C of the Animals and Birds Act (Cap. 7, 2002 Rev. Ed.), "owners of animals need to make efforts to ensure that their animals are provided with sufficient and appropriate food, water, and shelter. Owners must also ensure that their animals are protected from disease and injury and not cause them any unnecessary pain or suffering."

The owners who fail to comply with any of the above laws are fined up to $10,000 and/or jailed up to 12 months for a first offence, and fined up to $20,000 and/or jailed up to two years for subsequent offences.

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