Singapore: Woman stabbed in Queenstown, police arrest male suspect

Woman murdered
Woman murdered (Representational picture) Pixabay

A 29-year-old man was arrested for stabbing a woman, who was taken to the hospital with multiple lacerations on Thursday night, October 11. The attack took place at the void deck of a Housing Board block in Queenstown.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that they were alerted to the incident at around 10.48 pm and after their arrival, the female victim was taken to the National University Hospital, located at 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road.

As per police, at around 10.50 pm they came to know that an unnamed woman was stabbed by a man at Block 146 Mei Ling Street. Reports stated that the victim had multiple lacerations and the hospital authority was ordered to be on standby to receive her.

But, the Clementi Police Division officers, who were trying to identify the alleged attacker through inquiries and CCTV footages, finally tracked him down and arrested him on Friday at 9 am. Later, at around 10.45 am almost for five minutes the man with shoulder length hair was taken to the scene, where a blood marks at the pillar could be seen.

One of the local residents heard the scream of the victim that made him shrill on the day of the incident and later the 16-year-old student said that he heard someone was rushing down the stairs.

However, the man will be charged in court on Saturday, October 13 with voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapon.

As per the Penal Code Section 326, Whoever, except in the case provided for by section 335, voluntarily causes grievous hurt by means of any instrument for shooting, stabbing or cutting, or any instrument which, used as a weapon of offence, is likely to cause death, or by means of fire or any heated substance, or by means of any poison or any corrosive substance, or by means of any explosive substance, or by means of any substance which it is deleterious to the human body to inhale, to swallow, or to receive into the blood, or by means of any animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 15 years, and shall also be liable to fine or to caning.