Singapore woman may face 20 years' jail for using counterfeit $50 notes

Woman arrested for stealing car
Woman arrested (Representational picture ) Pixabay

A Singaporean woman was arrested for using counterfeit S$50 notes in at least 10 separate occasions, said police on Sunday, June 23.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) stated that the officers from the Commercial Affairs Department conducted extensive ground enquiries after they received several reports, between June 16 and 20.

The police were told that the counterfeit $50 dollars being used in convenience stores and retail outlets in the Hougang and Tampines housing estates to make payments.

After conducting the investigation the officials identified the woman and arrested the 30-year-old woman at Hougang Avenue 2 at 9 am on Sunday. The police seized two pieces of S$50 notes, which are believed to be counterfeits, a printer, printing paper, stationery, apparels, an EZ-link card, cash amounting to more than S$1,200 and two handbags.

The investigation also revealed that the woman is believed to have printed several pieces of S$50 notes with her own printer and used the counterfeit S$50 notes to purchase items of low value. The unnamed accused, who is also believed to be involved in a case of theft in dwelling in February, will be taken to the court where she will face the charges on Monday.


As per the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) the number of counterfeit notes is very low but if any member of the public has any doubt as to the genuineness of a note or coin, they should not hesitate to approach MAS to have it verified.

MAS also mentioned that if anyone discovers or receives a counterfeit note or coin, they should report it immediately to the nearest police station or to the Commercial Affairs Department at telephone number 6325 0000.

However, if any individual found guilty for the offence of counterfeiting currency notes and convicted for the offence of using such currency notes as genuine notes, can face a jail term of up to 20 years and a fine.