Singapore: Woman found dead in Sengkang condo, police arrest Caucasian male partner

A 43-year-old woman along with a dog found dead at 125 Compassvale Bow and her partner was arrested for his involvement in the murder case

A woman was found dead in a Sengkang condominium on Friday, January 3. After ground investigation police arrested a 48-year-old man who will be charged on Saturday for committing the alleged murder.

Police investigation

Singapore police conducted the primary investigation which revealed that the 48-year-old man and the victim, 43, were known to each other. The neighbours of the deceased woman also told the police that they witnessed what happened and added that the alleged accused also threw a dog from the balcony of the third-floor unit.

After receiving a call at around 12.07 pm police were asked to provide their assistance at 125 Compassvale Bow, Esparina Residences condominium. When they arrived at the location, officers found the motionless body of the victim in the unit. Later when the paramedics checked the woman, they pronounced her dead.

However, as per the police investigation, residents told the officers that the couple had been living in that apartment for several years and a child used to stay with them occasionally.

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The witnesses

As per The Straits Times, the local residents mentioned that both the man and the woman used to live in a third-floor unit and were often seen walking in the neighbourhood while holding hands. They were also seen sitting and talking at their balcony on the day of the murder.

A maid who lives in an opposite block mentioned that the argument started at around 11 am which lasted for more than 15 minutes. She then informed her employer, who contacted the security officers of the condo who later visited the couple's unit to check whether everything was fine or not. Other local residents also witnessed what happened between the man and the victim.

Even though as per the witnesses the disturbing argument ended after a while, they heard a dog was heard barking. Later the residents saw that the man was carrying a dog to the balcony and as per a female resident, the unnamed accused threw the pet to the pavement on the ground floor. Another resident took a picture of the dog lying in a pool of blood while residents claimed that it had died.

However, it should be mentioned that as per the police, the alleged murderer is Caucasian, while the woman was probably from the Philippines. Further investigation of this murder case is going on.

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