Singapore: Woman dies during botox treatment, police investigation in full swing

Dead body

Police are currently investigating the mysterious death of a 32-year-old woman who died following a Botox treatment.

Lau Li Ting, the woman underwent Botox treatment on March 8 this year. During the process she fell into a coma and died five days later.

Michael Lau, brother of Lau Li Ting revealed that his sister had previously undergone similar treatment session on January.

As per the reports, Michael said that "My mother called me around 2 pm to say the aesthetic doctor told her that my sister was in the accident and emergency department of Singapore General Hospital (SGH). She asked me to check with the hospital as she was afraid it was a prank call."

The family reached the hospital at around 4 pm and doctors informed them that Lau's heart has stopped working and her brain function is being depleted. The woman was admitted to the ventilator with life support for the next five days and she was pronounced dead on March 13.

Two days before her death, the family reported this incident to the police and demanded a thorough investigation. Michael made it clear that he is not blaming anyone for his sister's death and added that he wants to know what went wrong with the treatment.

"We just want to know what happened. We just want the truth, for ourselves and for my sister. Emotionally we are quite hurt and there are definitely some things that we need to settle, but we need to stay strong," added the victim's brother.

Lai Li Ting's brother also revealed that he is not happy with the aesthetic doctor's explanation.

Botox injections are being widely used all across the world to reduce wrinkles. The most common side effects of this treatment are headache, pain at the site of injection and bruising but the chances of death are quite low.