Singapore wedding turns violent, police arrest 4 alleged offenders for rioting

Crime scene
Ghim Moh violent wedding Pixabay

It may sound like a scene from a Hollywood crime movie, but a wedding event turned out the worst nightmare for the guests after violence erupted and left the nearby residents in shock. After ground investigation police arrested four alleged offenders.

As reported a 52-year-old female witness stated that first she heard shouting on Sunday night, September 8 and when she looked out of the window she noticed that the middle-aged man with blood on his face tried to crawl away from another man.

She told The New Paper that it continued almost for 10 minutes and "I was so scared they would come to my flat because I was alone, so I quickly shut my door and called the police."

The incident, which happened at Block 16 Ghim Moh Road, was very unfortunate as it was supposed to be an exciting wedding event. As per Chinese daily Shin Min Daily News, almost 100 people had gone to watch a performance at the wedding at Block 16 Ghim Moh Road.

As per another resident of the locality, the victim of this incident went to watch the performance and mentioned that the man might have said something which offended the wedding party.

The witness also mentioned that a group about a dozen men then chased and beat the victim. Another man from the wedding party tried to shield the victim from the group but those assaulters pushed him aside and then continued to beat the victim.

On Tuesday, September 10 a police spokesperson stated that they were alerted to the incident at around 8.30 pm on Sunday and soon arrested four alleged assaulters aged between 14 and 25 for rioting.

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) was also called to provide their assistance at the crime scene at around 9.30 pm on Sunday. Later the paramedics attended the 49-year-old victim. It should be mentioned that the bloodstains along the corridor on the second storey are visible. Police are currently investigating the case.

However, under Singapore Penal Code section 147, rioting is considered a criminal offence and a convict in rioting can face a penalty of a mandatory imprisonment sentence of up to seven years and with caning

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