Singapore: Viral video shows 2 men fighting on MRT train [VIDEO]

Fight in MRT train
Fight in MRT train Facebook

A video shot inside a moving MRT train showing a fight between two men with stunned and standing onlookers has gone viral on Facebook. Singapore police confirmed on Sunday, April 8 that they received a report on the incident and they are now investigating the incident.

The video was circulated on Facebook by Mediacorp Radio Ria 89.7FM deejay Dzar Ismail. It initially showed that two men were squaring up in the middle of the train cabin and they started to argue, which later converted into a fight.

The edited video showed that many passengers just moved away from their seats, as those two men became aggressive and started to throw punches and kicks towards each other.

The 40-second long video captured the brawl between a man wearing three-quarter trouser and a black t-shirt while the other one in blue jeans and black t-shirts. At the end of the video a few commuters were seen to help those two men move apart.

As of now, the video has received more than 7,500 views and 324,000 shares, including 830 comments.


Earlier, a sudden fight took place in Hougang coffee shop on March 31 between a man and a woman. The three-minute video of the incident, posted online by Facebook user Andy Tang, showed a woman in shorts and white t-shirt was shouting in Mandarin, 'come on, hit me' while pointing her finger to a man's head, who was wearing a three-quarter trouser and a black t-shirt.

Another similar incident occurred in Geylang, located at the eastern fringe of the Central Region of Singapore on March 15. After the brawl, which involved several people, local police arrested a 22-year-old man. The dashboard camera footage of the fight outside the frog porridge stall at Lorong 19 Geylang, was shared on Facebook by a user, who goes by the name Banny Fei. The clip also showed a man shouting and making some violent gestures, while some local residents were trying to hold him back.

This article was first published on April 9, 2018