Singapore: Violent repeat offender gets 11 months jail for attacking police car, punching elderly man

Arrested and jailed
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A 60-year-old repeat offender in Singapore has been arrested again for vandalizing a police vehicle, threatening a police officer with a wooden pole and punching a retiree.

The man, Haja Maidin Razak Marican, has been sentenced to jail for a period of 11 months on Friday, January 26. He has spent most of his life in prison on various offences and his last term of punishment had ended in September 2017.

He had been sent to corrective training after committing an indecent act with a child. This time, Haja admitted committing three of the four offences of which he was accused.

Two months after being released last time, Haja had harassed the owner and customers of a supermarket at Jurong West Street 81. On November 8, 2017, the convict was given a warning by the police after the owner called them as he was asking money from customers.

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Haja continued his quest for money and even turned violent, following which the police were called again. According to reports, Staff Sergeant Mohamad Khairul Aidil Mohd found him crouching outside the supermarket.

It was then that the convict swung a wooden pole at Khairul's direction and struck the rear windshield of the police car. He hit three more times, breaking the windshield and causing $2,084 worth of damage. Maidin was arrested after a violent altercation with the police.

Two days earlier, he had punched 71-year-old Yusof Mahnof outside a hair salon at 888 Plaza in Woodlands Drive 50. Maidin was in an inebriated state when he approached the victim and tried to talk to him. When Yusof failed to understand his incoherent words, he pulled him up, cussed at him and finally punched him. The barber Halim Ahmed was also punched by him when he was helping Yusof up.

Following this incident, Yusof was detained by the local public until the police arrived and arrested him.

This article was first published on January 26, 2018
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