Upper East Coast Road furniture shop catches fire early Sunday morning [VIDEO]

Fire accident
SCDF/ Facebook

An incident of fire outbreak took place in a furniture shop, located at 135 Upper East Coast Road on early Saturday morning.

In a Facebook post, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) stated that they were alerted to this fire accident at around 3.33 am on Sunday. Later, the officials deployed 11 emergency vehicles and about 35 firefighters to control the fire at the furniture shop.

As per the social media post, the SCDF officers also had to use five water jets to control the blaze and added that "The fire which involved contents of a furniture shop was extinguished in about two hours. Damping down operations is ongoing."

The local residents who were evacuated by the police and the SCDF officials were allowed to return to their homes. However, the SCDF confirmed that there were no reports of injuries and currently the officers are investigating the incident as the officials don't know how the fire broke out at the shop.

The Straits Times reported that an elderly man, Roysten Estrop was woken up by his wife at around 3.45 am due to the smell of the smoke that came inside his house from their daughter's window.

He said that after he saw the fire, he went to the fire accident scene and saw other people gathered outside. As per the report, Estrop said that the flames were almost four to five storeys high.

This article was first published on February 2, 2019