Singapore: Tutor accused of O-level exam cheating, throws phone to garbage due to photos of illegal pets


A 31-year-old private tutor, Fiona Poh Min testified on Wednesday, August 15 after she was accused of helping is one of helping six Chinese national students during O-level exams in 2016. But, before providing her statement, she threw her mobile phone due to photos of illegal pet.

Poh is one of those three people, who were accused of helping those students during examination. She has faced 27 cheating charges and one count charge for encouraging Chen Yi, one Chinese national student to leave Singapore to avoid the police investigation.

As reported, the 52-year-old Zeus Education Centre principal Poh Yuan Nie, who is the aunt of Poh and the 26-year-old Chinese national Feng Riwen were found involved in this case. Both the alleged accomplices have faced 27 cheating charges individually.

In April, another alleged accused, the 32-year-old Tan Jia Yan, a tutor at the Tampines centre has admitted that she took the exam while using a camera phone stuck to her chest. She also said that it was done for providing a live feed to her alleged accomplices of the paper that the other students were taking. However, she was given a bail of $20,000.

Poh told the court on Wednesday that she had to throw her phone away, before giving her statement to the police officer on October 26, 2016, because it contained lots of photos of her tuition centre pets, including her pangolin pet, which knew was illegal as it is a highly endangered wild animal. She also added that she could have deleted the photos but, it would be recoverable from the phone, so she decided to throw the gadget. But, the police found the phone from a dustbin outside the Bedok Police Division.

During the hearing, Poh also told the court that the Bluetooth and electronic devices that were seized as evidence during the investigation at Zeus Education Centre, were completely unknown to her as she never saw these types of equipment at her working place.

She claimed before and during the investigation, she was threatened and physically intimidated by the officers. Poh told about one of the policemen, who said if she didn't cooperate, then the police will enquire her step-grandmother. She also added that after listening that she became scared and did not want to bother the old lady, so she told the police what they actually wanted to listen.

However, the court trial will continue on Thursday.

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