Singapore: Truck carrying soil, flips in Turf Club Avenue, causes traffic jam [VIDEO]

Truck accident
Singapore truck accident Facebook/ Alex Soo

An accident took place after a truck that was carrying soil flipped on its side in Turf Club Avenue on Saturday afternoon, June 30. Due to the accident, the contained material spilt across the three-lane road and caused a traffic jam for a while.

The local police and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) came to know about the incident at around 1.30 pm. Later, the SCDF stated that when they reached the accident location that happened in Turf Club Avenue towards Kranji Road, officers found a man, who suffered from minor injuries. The unnamed man was not taken to the hospital, as the injuries were not serious.

A video, which captured the aftermath of the accident was shared on the social media platform, Facebook. The 1.45 minutes video, shared by a social media user Alex Soo showed the flipped truck with a registration number plate XD8290X.

The video also showed the soil was all over the lane and a traffic jam behind the flipped truck. Including a man, sitting on the roadside grass patch while wearing black shirt could be seen in the footage, including some local residents, who were analysing the situation and were taking pictures of the incident.

Later the Land Transport Authority informed the Singaporean road users about the truck accident in Turf Club Avenue towards the Seletar Expressway through a tweet at around 2.30 pm on Saturday. However, IBTimes India believes that the driver of the truck lost his control over the vehicle that caused the accident.

The police investigation is going on.

Facebook/ Alex Soo

On the same day, at the Woodlands Causeway, an accident happened that caused an hours-long traffic jam. Due to the incident, a man lost his life as well as four individuals became injured who were taken to the hospital for further treatment.

The very next day, another accident took place that involved four cars at Woodlands Checkpoint. Police said when they reached the accident spot they found two injured car drivers in a conscious state and took them to the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

This article was first published on July 2, 2018
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