Singapore: Travellers face long queues and traffic jams at Tuas and Woodlands Checkpoints

Picture for representation Reuters

Due to the huge traffic jams towards Tuas and Woodlands Checkpoints, vehicles arriving and departing from Singapore on Friday and Saturday, December 15 had to wait in long queues.

Some of the travellers took to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority's (ICA) official Facebook page to complain about the unexpected delay while crossing Johor Baru that lasted for almost several hours. Some of them said that they were stuck in the jam almost for six hours at the Tuas Checkpoint on Friday evening and early Saturday morning. Several other commuters mentioned that they faced four to five hours jams at the Woodlands Checkpoint on Saturday afternoon.

As per reports, a 30-year-old woman, Winnie H, whose family lives in Malaysia and works in the IT sector, said that she was stuck in the jam for eight long hours on Friday evening at the Tuas checkpoint. Winnie H also said that she caught in the jam at around 4.30 pm on Friday afternoon and managed to drive into Johor Baru, where she goes every weekend, at around 12.30 am on Saturday.

As per the comments from other travellers, such jams are expected during this time of the year. A traveller, Ikhsan Putra Ibrahim said, "I was stuck for four hours, which I had somewhat expected given it's the weekend and December."

During this situation, many cars were trying to cut the queues at the entrance where the traffic police were stationed. While some of them were successful in their attempt, most of them faced the anger of other travellers, including angry horns from other motorists in the queue.

The ICA's Facebook post stated that the officers faced the heavy traffic flow both in Tuas and Woodlands Checkpoints since 6.20 pm on Friday.

However, the Singapore Civil Defence Force and the police said that they have no information about any accidents that could have caused such jams and the delays at the checkpoints.