Singapore: Teenager suspected in hit-and-run case involving e-scooter at Ang Mo Kio Avenue


A teenager has been marked by the police as the suspect for his involvement in an e-scooter hit-and-run case which happened on April 17, at the lift lobby of Block 538 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5. The name of the alleged suspect has been kept under the wraps by the investigating officials.

The police identified the suspect after extensive ground operations and with the aid of video footages from police cameras. The police have also apparently seized an e-scooter and a helmet as case exhibits.

Details of the accident

The accident took place on the afternoon of April 17, when the e-scooter of the teenager hit a 65-year-old woman who was on her course to pick up her granddaughter from the child care centre. Both the rider and the woman fell down after the collision, but the teenager fled the scene without assisting the old lady. The old lady suffered serious bruises on her legs, hip and nose.

As the teenage rider started fleeing the scene, Madam Lee, the victim screamed, and hearing this, a group of five students from the Institute of Technical Education reached the spot. They asked the woman whether they should call 999 for help, but she refused the offer gently stating that it might delay in picking up her granddaughter from the childcare centre on time.

Incident went viral on the Internet

Soon after the accident, Sharon Sim, daughter of Madam Lee posted about the incident on Facebook and asked everyone to help her find the e-scooter rider who fled the scene without offering a helping hand to the victim.

"If you're the e-scooter rider who knocked down an elderly lady at Amk Blk 538 lift lobby on 17 Apr evening, I hope you'll step forward soon to own up. You're lucky. My mum didn't call 999 immediately as she wanted to pick her grandchild from school and didn't want to be late. You're lucky. Because my dad is old and couldn't give ample chase. My mum isn't so lucky; you've scarred her face permanently and prominently," wrote Sharon Sim on her Facebook page.

She also thanked the students from the Institute of Technical Education for offering their help to her mom during the time of the accident. If found guilty, the teenager will get a jail term of one year or fine or both.

This article was first published on April 24, 2018