Singapore: Teenage girl humiliated during acting audition, man allegedly squirts water and spits on her face

The company says that it was done to push the girl to her limits and to come out of the script.

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A 14-year-old girl was humiliated during an acting audition by a man, who squirted water and spat at her face, at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore on Monday. The audition was held by the talent agency named Premiere.

The girl's father filmed the audition at the Melati Ballroom where she was required to act opposite a man in a scene where she discovers he is a fake officer from the "Department of Education".

Surprisingly, the man squirted water from a bottle at the girl's face before spitting water at her while the audition was going on. According to reports by Stomp, this was her second round of audition. The first audition was held on Saturday.

Stomp reported that the producers had not given any prior warning to the girl about such activities at the audition. The girl's father said that she been extremely excited when she was called for a second round.

"She had expected a change in script but not anything that would involve making her feel insulted and humiliated," Jerald, the girl's father, told Stomp.

Following the horrifying experience, Jerald's daughter was not ready to go for the Premiere programme, even though she was selected for it.

Jerald also called up the company to ask about the reason for such an ill treatment during the audition. He said: "They mentioned it was to push her to her limits and 'come out of the script'." He added that his daughter's confidence has been affected by the episode.

The Premiere's website said the company travels around the world searching for young performers between the ages of five and 20 to go through their evaluation process in order to be invited to the programme.

The programme, which is held in Orlando, Florida, "draws dozens of today's top agents, managers, casting directors and record labels from across the globe looking to find their next discovery for upcoming projects."