Singapore teen who said he wanted to kill his younger sister gets 18 months' probation

The accused was diagnosed with conduct disorder along with the intermittent explosive disorder.

Representational picture Pixabay

A 17-year-old young man, who threatened his younger sister and said that he wanted to kill her, was given 18 months of probation on Monday.

Court documents showed that the unnamed accused had a brawl with his sister on September 6, 2018, at their Jurong West home. It also added that the 13-year-old sister flipped a bowl of soup on the dining table and this incident irritated the young man, who later slapped her and kicked her after she fell to the floor.

Soon after that, her brother took a metal pole from the living room and while holding it he told his sister that "I want to kill you. I want to see your blood."

As soon as possible the girl ran to the toilet, locked the door and called the police, who arrested the accused after their arrival to their Jurong West home. Prior to the arrival of the police, their mother tried to calm down her son.

However, the young man was diagnosed with conduct disorder along with the intermittent explosive disorder. As per the court documents, the accused pleaded guilty to one charge of criminal intimidation against the girl and another charge of voluntarily causing grievous hurt to his friend.

Two other chargers were considered for slapping and kicking the sister as well as punching another man in public.

During the hearing, the court came to know that the accused fractured the face of his friend while having an argument at an HDB block in Jurong West and punched the 16-year-old friend more than once on November 28, 2017.

The District Judge May Mesenas ordered the 17-year-old to undergo 18 months of probation and to be admitted to a hostel at least for one year. He was also ordered to remain indoors from 10 pm to 6 am and also asked to attend psychiatric and psychological programmes.

Judge May also warned the accused that if he doesn't follow the probation conditions, or become violent and shows emotional outburst then he could be taken back to the court and will face stricter probation and punishment.

It should be noted that the mother of the teenager and the 13-year-old girl was ordered to furnish S$5,000 bond to ensure her son's good behaviour.