Singapore in tears; bids farewell to 4-year-old girl killed in Bukit Batok car accident

Eleanor Tan, the 4-year-old girl was killed at Bukit Batok Central on Monday, after being hit by a rashly driven car

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Singapore gave a teary farewell to Eleanor Tan who was killed at the Bukit Batok car accident. Family members, neighbours, and friends of Eleanor Tan assembled in Service Hall 2 at Mandai Crematorium Oct.11 and paid their last respects to the angel who flew to heaven at just four-years-old.

The hall at Mandai Crematorium was filled with colourful balloons, and roses, as the family wanted her remembered with the things she was very fond of. Her toys and favorite food were also arranged in the crematorium.

Family remembers Eleanor Tan

Grandmother of Eleanor Tan told Straits Times that her granddaughter was very fond of food items, and used to share it with friends and other family members.

Amy Lin, the grandaunt of the deceased girl remembered Eleanor Tan as a bubbly girl who always wanted to become an angel in her life.

Ang, the girl's grandfather told the media that Eleanor was very brave, and had a cataract surgery when she was just three. He added that another surgery to correct her vision was scheduled on coming Sunday, but before that she said Adios to the physical world.

Eleanor's mother Jacelyn Wong, in a talk with the Shin Min Daily News said that she was preparing steamed eggs during the time of the accident. Wong continued that she felt disturbed throughout that time and finally received a call from the hospital informing her about the accident.

The incident happened on Monday when a speeding car hit Eleanor Tan and the 37-year-old family maid, Su Su Hlaing. After the incident, Tan and Su Su Hlaing were rushed to the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. Eleanor died soon, while the family maid was hospitalized with serious spinal injuries and multiple fractures on legs and pelvic area.

Soon after the accident, the police officials arrested the 52-year-old driver, and he is now out on bail. The investigation is currently going on.