Singapore: Teacher jailed for procuring nude photos from minor girls

On 7 October he was sentenced to 22 months' jail and fined S$500 under the charges for procuring nude photos and stalking his victims.

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A former school teacher has been jailed in Singapore for pursuing minor girls to send nude photographs and video to him.

The accused, identified as Kuang Liang Yong (47), used fake identities to coax minors to send indecent pictures of themselves to him. On 7 October he was sentenced to 22 months' jail and fined S$500 under the charges for procuring nude photos and stalking his victims.

Kuang is married with two kids. According to the Today Online, Terence Tay, a district judge said that Kuang disguised himself to "advance a rather reprehensible agenda" in the exploitation of one of his victims. He dubbed himself as "Sean Romeo" or "Guardian Angel", he added.

The judge also revealed that Kuang was suffering from erectile dysfunction due to a motor accident and he believed that he could only recover if he watches the pre-pubescent primary 6 student performing a variety of indecent acts.

In August 2015, Kuang acquired the phone number and stalked his victim, who was then 12, on social media. He also found out that she attends the same primary school as his own daughter. Later he gave the minor girl his contact number asked her to contact him. Since then he started chatting by text message with her by the name of "Guardian Angel" and pretended to be a primary 6 boy.

Kuang, used to send lengthy messages proclaiming his love and pester her to reply, which she did not. On 6 September, according to Today Online, the victim's father made a police report.


Prior to this incident, in 2012, Kuang stalked a girl who was then 13, and was looking to relocate her missing phone. He lent his phone to her to dial her number, which he later took a note of.

Kuang used to text her using the name "Sean Romeo" thereafter.

In August 1012, he told her that he is unable to have sex as he has been involved in an accident and wanted her to help him. He coaxed her to send him nude pictures and videos of her performing a sexual act.

Such exchanged happened on 13 occasions over a nine-month period between Kuang and the minor girl.

Today Online reported that in 2013, he last contacted her asking for phone numbers of three of her friends that he could give to his friends. He stopped contacted her when she refused the request.

According to the news agency, Deputy Public Prosecutor Amanda Chong Wei-Zhen, in a plea to the court to impose a sentence of more than 20 months' jail, said that Kuang engaged in a "sustained campaign of emotional manipulation and deception", and his conduct towards the 13 year old girl was "predatory and premeditated".

"As a teacher, he had abused the trust and authority reposed in him to nurture young people," she added.