Singapore: SPF to introduce advanced training program for security officers

Officers from Singapore will be a part of a basic licensing unit called "Recognise Terrorist Threats" from January 1, 2020.

Singapore Security officer
Representational picture Reuters

Singapore Police Force (SPF) has said in a news release that if any security officer wants to be stationed in a place apart from warehouses and condominiums, they have to follow an advanced training programme on October 19, Thursday. They also said that the additional training will help the officers to understand and find out different types of security threats.

Singapore police said that, although the officers "played an important role" while safeguarding the homes and commercial areas, the threats and terrorism both are rising and for that matter " there is a need to further raise their skills and competencies".

The police also mentioned that in foreign countries, well-trained officers have proved by their prompt actions that they are capable enough to recognize a threat and to secure the locality for such terror attacks.

However, officers from Singapore will be a part of a basic licensing unit called "Recognise Terrorist Threats" from January 1, 2020.

According to the authorities, if any official did not complete their additional training session by the given date, then they will be eligible to keep their security officer licence. But they would not be given a chance to work outside of any warehouses and condominiums unless they complete the required training process.

According to Channel NewsAsia, the police stated that they would be plan to make the process compulsory for each and every officer.

The additional training process includes a two-day Workforce Skills Qualification course, which will help those trainees to be aware of terrorist threats. It will also help them to recognize "person-borne, vehicle-borne and object-based threats."

Authorities will consider those officers who have already completed same course, called "Handle Counter Terrorism Activities," as the qualified individuals.

"The new licensing requirement will improve the skills and hence also the wages of security officers," the police said.