Singapore sisters face 12-month conditional warning after posting racial remarks on Facebook

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Singapore women faces sentence (Representational picture) Pixabay

Two Singaporean women, who posted inflammatory comments on social media and trespassed into a city mall to pray in a fire escape stairwell on two separate occasions, were given a 12-month conditional warning on Friday, July 6.

As per the reports those two women, who were addressed as twin sisters are 28-year-old. Police said that in October 2017 both of them were investigated by the officers for their remarks on Facebook which were "prejudicial to the maintenance of racial and religious harmony in Singapore."

The reports also stated that the social media remarks came after they trespassed into Alexandra Central Mall on 23 and 24 October 2017 and prayed in a fire escape stairwell despite being advised not to.

On the first day, the duo was asked to not to perform such act by the security personnel at a place which should be unobstructed for fire safety reasons but the following day those women again appeared at the same location to pray. On the second day, when again the security asked them to vacate the stairwell, one of them demanded to meet the security supervisor, who she later accused and claimed that the supervisor was a racist, as he was not allowing them to pray at the stairwell.

After the second forceful attempt to pray in a mall, a police complaint was lodged against those sisters on October 25. Police said that after the incident in a city mall, both the women took the issue to the social media platform, Facebook, where they alleged that "members of one race looked down on members of another race."

As per the police despite the fact that those women were given a 12-month conditional warning, allegations made by the due were serious as well as baseless. But, these allegations are enough to affect the racial and religious harmony of the country.

It should be known that the south-east Asian country is the home to 10 religion, including Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism or Taoism. So, any kind of inflammatory comments or remarks could affect the religious sentiment of some people. To avoid such issues, if someone is posting something on social media, they should consider the sensitivity of the topic.

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