Basketball match SIM vs NTU (Representational picture) Pixabay

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) defeated five-time champion Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in their first-ever Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Women's Basketball Championship title by 64-62.

Chin Wan Qing and Pauline Ang, both the players from SIM had provided the lead to their team by scoring 22 and 19 points.

While both the leaders of the match, Qing and Ang did most of the work to beat the opponent, another teammate Juliana Ang sealed the match, as she controlled and obstructed shooting from Jowilly Siew. The opponent, NTU had the opportunity initially to clinch the victory but their performance remained unsteady.

Chin said, "Our hard work paid off. It's really a classic story of 'you reap what you sow', and I'm very, very happy and proud of my team-mates for pushing and doing this together."

Chin's teammate Ang said, "Who wins finally is determined by how much we want to win and how hard we fight till the end, and I think everyone really gave their best today."



1st Q: 22–8

2nd Q: 7–18 (29–26)

3rd Q: 23–20 (52–46)

4th Q: 12–16 (64–62)

Top Scorers:


Chin Wan Qing (#2) — 22 points

Pauline Ang (#15) — 19 points


Chua Cunfang (#29) — 18 points

Amelia Lee (#10) — 13 points

SIM Roster team:

Loo Qiao Yun, Chin Wan Qing, Vinnie Koh, Jacqueline Tan, Melissa Lim, Panmeline Liew, Jowilly Siew, Cherry Tan, Debbie Ngo, Pauline Ang, Janice Ong, Juliana Ang, Ngai Hui Min, Tung Kah Hui, Liang Qi Wei.

NTU Roster team:

Ong Sze Ming, Sheryl Ng, Shermaine See, Si Xu Vongsuvanish, Amanda Lim, Amelia Lee, Jeanette Kee, Woon Wei Jing, Chen Jingyi, Winnchis Yap, Foo Yuan Ru, Au Zi Yu, Lee Yu Zhen, Chua Cunfang, Louise Yip.