Singapore signs Open Skies Agreement with South-American country Peru; says MOT

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Singapore's Ministry of Transport (MOT) announce in a news release that the country has sighed an Open Skies Agreement with Peru on Tuesday, October 16.

MOT's senior director of international relations Bernard Lim and Peru's Vice-Minister of Transport, Carlos Cesar Arturo Estremadoyro Mory has signed on the agreement.

As per the new agreement, both the countries will be allowed to fly any number of passenger and cargo services between them as well as via and beyond to any third country with no restrictions in terms of ait craft type, capacity, routing and frequency.

The ministry added the Cargo carriers from both the partnered countries will also be able to use the other country as a hub for the operation to any other nation.

Earlier, the South-east Asian country had signed an Open Skies Agreement with the European country Romania on 31 May 2018. With the recent agreement, Singapore signed air service agreements with more than 140 states and territories, of which more than 70 are open skies agreements.

Minister Lim stated that "we are very pleased to sign this open skies agreement, which liberalises air services between and beyond Singapore and Peru," and added that it is not just an agreement but a testament strong bilateral relationship between Singapore and the South-American country.

He also said that they believe that this agreement will provide several opportunities "for our carriers and enable greater connectivity for people and goods. It will also bring benefit and promote business, tourism and economic exchanges between our two countries."