Singapore: Sexual abuse cases of students involving teachers on rise

Child abuse in Malaysia
Child abuse in Malaysia (Representational Picture) Reuters

For students, schools are their second home, and during the school hours, teachers are responsible for taking care of them just like their parents. But what will happen if teachers forget their responsibility and behave like sexual predators in front of students?

Latest reports coming from Singapore indicate that cases of sexual molestation involving teachers have witnessed a dramatic rise in the recent years. Two such incidents were exposed in the past two days, and it will surely compel everyone to think about the safety of our children at schools.

Incident 01: When the teacher forgot his ethics...

On February 12, 2017, a higher secondary school teacher was charged in the court with 20 counts of sexual penetration with a minor girl in his school. Even though the 39-year-old school teacher had engaged in consensual sex with his minor student, it was the age of the student which pulled him into the clutches of the legal net.

According to the prosecution, the incident associated with the case happened in 2015. The higher secondary school teacher allegedly had sex with his student for more than ten times in his flat at Ang Mo Kio. As of now, the name of the convict has been kept under the wraps to protect the victim's identity.

Incident 02: Homosexual lessons taught by a teacher to his student

A helpless mother broke into tears in court yesterday, when she recollected the memories of the sexual abuse faced by her son from a male teacher who taught him at the school. The alleged incident happened on February 17, 2016. The boy who was 13-years-old then was alone with his art teacher at the school's art room.

The male teacher then allegedly tried to lure the boy, touched his private parts, squeezed his chest, and even put his hands into the boy's shorts.

After knowing about the incident, the boy's mother soon lodged a police complaint, In the court, he faced three charges of outraging the modesty of a boy, and the judiciary also asked him to stop his teaching duties.

According to the boy's mother, he was very much interested in art earlier, but after the alleged incident, he has lost interest and became sensitive to everyone's touch on his body.