Singapore: School Vice-principal sentenced to 10 years jail for sexually assaulting minor

The victim was repeatedly sexually assaulted by the offender and he finally and the former finally alerted the police in 2015.

Sexual assault
Singapore minor assault (Representational picture) Reuters

A primary school vice-principal was sentenced to 10 years of jail after he was convicted by the District judge for sexually assaulting a boy when he was a minor on October 16, in Singapore.

Ther 57-year-old man whose name has not been declared in the open due to a gag order in order to protect the identity of the victim was sentenced by District Judge Chay Yuen Fatt as the latter noted that the case involved serious sexual offences and also the assaulter had abused his authority. The man has been suspended from his duty as a vice-principal.

The judge had convicted the offender in August after a trial as he found him guilty of third counts of sexually exploiting a minor and five counts of sexual intercourse.

The victim, who is currently 30 years old and a Singaporean came to the country from China along with his mother in 1999. As stated by Deputy Public Prosecutor James Chew, the victim was in Primary 5 in 2003 when the man sexually stimulated the boy in the school gym.

The offender then used to sexually stimulate the boy at his Woodlands flat in the following year after the boy accepted to have private English tuitions at the 57-year-old man's place.

The victim's mother was repatriated from Singapore in 2002 for working illegally after which he had to live with a relative, the victim had declared during a trial in March last year. He further added that when the relative could no longer be his guardian in 2004, he had to move in with the vice-principal, as reported by The Straits Times.

The boy finally started resisting the sexual advances of the man in 2007 but used to give in to pressure from the latter and finally informed the police in November 2015.

The offender who is currently out on a bail of $30,000 will be appealing against his conviction and the sentence.