School trip to Thailand turns nightmare, 13 students found victims of chikungunya

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Students, aged 15 to 17 and a teacher from the School of the Arts (Sota) went to a village in Thailand's Ratchaburi province last week for a community service learning trip from May 25 to June. The reports stated that in the early stage of the trip, all 13 students and their teacher got infected with chikungunya virus and high fever.

On Monday the school authority said in a statement that that among 13 students, 6 victims remain in Bangkok's hospital for further treatment.

Sota principal Mary Seah told TODAY that the six students are recovering well but there were 19 other students who were part of this trip, returned to Singapore after the incident happened. She also stated that the first priority of the school is to ensure the well-being of its students and teachers so that they can return to their families as soon as possible.

In addition, Seah said that some of the teachers are currently in Thailand to monitor those students who are in hospital and the school authority is in touch with the families to let the parents know about the development.

On May 29, the Ministry of Health issued the weekly infectious disease bulletin, where the authority mentioned that nine chikungunya cases were diagnosed in Singapore in the first 21 weeks of this year.