Singapore: School students participated in riot inside classroom, regretted their actions [VIDEO]

Singapore School Riot
Singapore school riot YouTube/ STOMP

Even though, as per the 2018 End of Childhood report, Singapore is the best place to raise children, some particular issues are happening over and over again inside the school premises and that cannot be overlooked. The recent video of the brawl in a Singapore boy's school has triggered the concern.

The video showed the classroom riot in boy's school, where two boys were captured in the camera while throwing plastic chairs and flipping a desk in that closed room. The footage was shared by STOMP, which also showed that a boy showed both his middle fingers while moving one side to another.

It was clear in the video that other students, who were present in the same classroom were laughing while all of these incidents were happening and soon more students participated in that brawl. All the students then started to flip and move the chairs and desks.

In that circulated blurred video, it could be visible that, a chair, which was thrown by another participant of the riot, was about to hit another boy, who was recording the video. Because of that action, the camera became unstable for a while.

There are some students, who were in rush to leave the classroom and one of them also shouted to the involved students and asked them not to break the furniture. But, those students, who were enjoying the brawl continued to throw chair and desks. They could be heard in that video while laughing and yelling during the incident.

However, as reported, when the principal of the unnamed school was asked to give comments on the riot that took place inside the school premises, he said that the school will take appropriate actions and will also send all the involved students for counselling. In addition, he also mentioned that when management talked to those involved boys, they showed the regrets for their extreme actions.

But, this is not the first case, when after a similar incident a principal said almost the same words. Earlier, on February 9, Westwood Secondary School students were captured in a video that showed several disturbing activities such as punching, kicking and throwing chairs at a student sitting in the classroom. After the incident, the school sent the victim and involved students in a counselling, besides taking required disciplinary actions.

Since these incidents are quite often, IBTimes Singapore contacted few psychologists to explain this behaviour and waiting for the response.

YouTube/ STOMP