Singapore: Schizophrenia patient jailed for 15 years after killing father

Mentally ill man sent to jail
Mentally ill man sent to jail (Representational Picture) Reuters

A 30-year-old man was sentenced to more than 15 years of imprisonment on Thursday after he was found guilty of beating his adoptive parents leading to the death of his father and abusing girlfriend on a savage rampage on New Year Eve in 2015.

The accused named Su Caizhi was adopted by his parents when he was five. According to his medical history even though Su is a patient of schizophrenia, he often behaves carelessly about his medication.

During the court hearing, Justice Kannan Ramesh heard that unprovoked Su had assaulted his father Pang Tee Lin, 72 who was unarmed during the incident.

The High Court judge said that the point must be registered with Su that his recalcitrance in failing to adhere to his medication played a significant part in the demise of the deceased and was a material factor in the length of the sentence.

According to reports, on December 2015, when Su was discharged from the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), he stopped having his medicines and then started to experience psychotic issues like hearing voices.

Even though all these problems what he started to face was a kind of warning for something extreme, Su did not start having his medication properly and later it became worse when he consumed alcohol and sniffed glue on the day of the incident.

The judge mentioned that the prison sentence will help Su to restructure his unruly life and make him disciplined to take his medications properly by staying in a structured environment.

The accused was sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment for killing his father Pang on the New Year's Eve. He was also received 12 months of a jail sentence for beating his 69-year-old mother called Wong Ah Boey, including 15 months' jail for hurting his girlfriend called Melissa Foo Fern Yin, 34.

He was also found guilty and was sentenced to six weeks' jail on a charge of wrongful confinement, for a different incident when he trapped Foo and his ex-husband inside their flat. He locked them up inside the apartment by putting a padlock on the front gate and put glue into the back gate's lock.

Su pleaded guilty to four other charges earlier this month, which includes threatening to kill Wong, spraying black paint on the gates and doors of Foo's flat and causing hurt to his own girlfriend.

The accused has been admitted to the medical centre since 2012. He faced problems such as hallucinations, delusions and aggressive behaviour. But despite this mental issue, his adoptive parents gave him $70,000 out of the $100,000, what they received after selling their curry rice stall in August 2014.

After the incident when Foo recovered from the unconsciousness and found Su's father Pang on the floor she called the police. When the police came to the house they saw that accused was sleeping.

When doctors diagnosed Pang, they found that he suffered serious brain injuries and fractures on his face, ribs and spine.