Singapore arrests money mules
Superintendent Ho Yenn Dar (L), assistant director of media relations of Singapore Police Force listens to questions from journalists on the international match-fixing scam at the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore February 6, 2013. Reuters (Representational Image)

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) announced on Wednesday that some roads near Suntec City will be closed to vehicular traffic temporarily in order to facilitate Singapore's largest countdown street party on New Year's eve.

Before the actual event on Saturday, there will be a rehearsal of the 'Countdown with the Stars' event will be held on Friday. The event will take place at The Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City.

Roads leading from Temasek Boulevard towards the direction of Rochor Road and the carriageway of Temasek Avenue in the direction of Temasek Boulevard will remain closed from 10 pm on Friday till 6 am the following day. On Saturday, the roads will be closed from 3 pm to 6 am the following day.

SPF said that access will only be granted to police and emergency vehicles during the road closures.

Meanwhile, due to this change, the authorities said that a few roads will be be converted to two-way roads to facilitate traffic management. The roundabout of Temasek Boulevard in the direction of Raffles Boulevard will be converted from 10 pm on Friday till 6 am on Saturday and again from Saturday 3 pm up to 6 am the next day.

The police added that the parking restrictions will be strictly enforced and if vehicles are found parking and causing obstruction, they will be towed.