Singapore restaurant 'Bird Bird' is serving its last day on November 26

" Bird Bird" will be shutting down on 26 November.

Bird Bird  Singapore Restaurant

Fans who enjoyed going to "Bird Bird" restaurant will have to bear with the sad news as the celebrity chef and the owner of the Singapore restaurant, Bjorn Shen, has announced that his restaurant will be shutting down on November 26.

They are also planning to host a three-day farewell from 24 to 26 with a "One Last Time" menu to wind up things before closure. He also gave the reason for the closure of the restaurant by hinting about the ruthless business tactics of Singapore's cafe and restaurants in his Facebook post.

He blames himself for the failure of the famous Thai restaurant and also asked his employers not to self-blame themselves for the failure of the restaurant.

"Bird Bird" restaurant started off on a good note in Singapore, along with its unique concept of Thai influenced street food and the introduction of various flavors related to Thai food, especially humble chicken that costs $29, which was a favourite among the foodies.

Shen announced the closure of his restaurant through a social media post, and also said that their restaurant was seeing rampant success at initial stages, where they had been listed under Burpple's Hot Hundred list in 2016 and was crowned as champ at Savour &DBS''s Live Your Dream competition in 2017.

Moreover, they were also selected under the list of Best Cafes on Chope's Diner Choice Awards 2017 where they honour the most impressive dinner spots, but they are going to pull out from the competition due to the impending closure of the restaurant.

"Disbanding this team is the hardest part for me, but remembers what I keep telling you – business failure never rests on the shoulders of employees; it is solely the responsibility of the owner. Don't ever blame yourselves for this" Bjorn Shein conveyed a heartfelt message to his employers for their dedication towards the restaurant.

Shen had opened Bird Bird restaurant, along with another local chef Anthony Yeoh from the famed Cocotte restaurant in 2015 and is a pop-up extension of popular Singapore restaurant Artichoke. The chef is determined to leave the food industry on a higher note and has decided to serve chicken suits along with Yeoh on the last day.