Singapore has been ranked fifth in a global travel freedom index, with data showing those holding a Singapore passport are able to travel to 173 countries or territories without needing a visa.

Germany is the top country in the index in 2016, as its citizens can access 177 countries without a visa, according to the annual Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index, produced in collaboration with the International Air Transport Association.

Sweden is at the second place while the UK shares the third spot with Finland, France, Italy and Spain. Citizens of these countries can access 175 countries or territories without needing a visa.

Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands and the United States came in fourth on the Index while Singapore shares the fifth spot with Japan and Austria.

In Southeast Asia, Malaysians had visa free access 164 countries while those with a Thailand passport had access to only 71 countries.

Afghanistan took the last spot in the index with its citizens having access to only 25 countries or territories without a visa. Somalia, Iraq and Pakistan also took the bottom positions.