Singapore Purple Parade: Over 10, 000 mark the day for people with special needs

People with special needs have role to play in Singapore's growth.

Purple Parade
Performers at the Purple Parade YouTube grab

Amid news of the violent rally in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, Singapore has come up with good news as Suntec City observes the Purple Parade dedicated to those with special needs.

On Saturday, thousands of people took part in the parade wearing purple shirts and hats to promote awareness about the needs of special people.

According to reports, despite being the fourth edition, the Purple Parade garnered huge supports as around 10, 000 people turned up at the mall in the city despite heavy rain. Previously the parade was organised at Hong Lim Park and drew a maximum of 7,000 people.

However, this year it was a grand event with stalls, exhibitions and spectacular performances. Moreover, according to Straits Times, there was also a sign interpreter on stage so that people with hearing impairments could take part in the programmes. Several roads were closed down and security officers were deployed to maintain vigilance, regulate traffic and assist motorists.

Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, who was the guest of honour, also turned up for the event clad in a purple polo shirt.

"The fourth Purple Parade in the city district is very special for our special needs movement... People with special needs are an integral part of our big Singapore family and must always remain in the main chapters of the Singapore story," said Ms Denise Phua, mayor of Central Singapore District who was also present at the event, according to the news portal.

The Purple Parade aims at involving people with special needs in Singapore's growth and demand equal access to education, employment, transport and social networks for them.