Singapore: Primary school boy tries to 'poison' classmate with Dettol soap, victim hospitalised

The boy secretly mixed Dettol soap into the victim's water bottle to win the heart of another classmate.

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A primary 3 boy, aged nine, tried to poison a female classmate with liquid hand soap, which he secretly mixed in her water bottle, in a bid to help another female friend to take revenge. The victim complained of fever and vomiting after drinking from the bottle and eventually admitted to a hospital.

After the initial investigation, it was revealed that, on Wednesday, after the boy heard about the victim's falling out with his friend, he returned to the classroom during break time in order to carry out the act. The girl, after drinking from the bottle, started feeling sick and vomited twice in school. Her 36-year-old father was informed and was asked to take her back home.

At home, while the maid the cleaning utensils, she noticed froth and a strong smell of Chloroxylenol Dettol in the water bottle and immediately informed the father who went back to the school to question them.

The victim was eventually hospitalised and the police were informed about the incident. Fortunately, the girl is not in any danger, informed the police.

Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported that the girl told them that she saw the boy laughing after she drank from the bottle. Moreover, he also told her earlier that he would poison her, but she did not take it seriously.

The boy, who visited the hospital on that night, cried and apologised to the victim. His 27-year-old mother also apologised to her friends. She said that her son did not have many friends and decided to poison her at his friend instruction as he did not want to lose their friendship.

The Principal of the Jurong school and few teachers came and visited the patient and reported are offering assistance to her family.