Singapore: Police report filed against entertainment lawyer for assaulting staff

Lawyer accused of assaulting
Lawyer accused of assaulting (Representational picture) Pixabay

An entertainment lawyer, who defended celebrities in many cases has allegedly verbally and physically assaulted two former employees. A police report has been lodged against the 45-year-old inexperienced lawyer on Saturday, May 12.

The accused, Samuel Seow is the managing director of Samuel Seow Law. He also the owner of Beam Artistes, which is an artist management company. On Wednesday, May 16 in a press conference Seow apologised for slapping one of the victims, who is his niece and said he should not do that. While clarifying the issue, he said that the matter was a family dispute, which involved his niece and because of that he acted as a responsible uncle.

But, he denied all the allegations against him, made by another former employee. Seow mentioned that since he was a strict disciplinarian, he shouts but, he never assaulted anyone physically. On the other hand, reports stated that the accused allegedly threw a stapler towards the former Beam Artistes employee and that caused bleeding.

Even, Seow punched the woman down, threw a glass of cold water and with a violent gesture he told her that he will take a knife and kill her. He also accused of assaulting his niece, who was a legal employee of the company, due to some work related issue, which Seow denied and said it was a family problem.

Police considered this investigation as a case of voluntarily causing hurt against two people. One of the victims has said that she filed the complaint report with the Law Society of Singapore.

Later, on Wednesday, Seow said in a Facebook post that, people can say whatever they want, without considering the truth but there are some "irresponsible and despicable people out there who will take perverse delight in causing this. I am sorry to my family and friends for the worry this will cause. I am OK. Those who know me will know the truth."

Under Section 355, if someone convicted for assaulting a person with the intent to dishonour a person then he or she can face a jail term of a minimum of 12 months' maximum of 7 years, including canning.