Singapore: Police raid unlicensed massage parlours and public entertainment outlets, arrest 9 women

Strict actions will be taken by the authority against the owners of those unlicensed establishments.

Women arrested in Singapore  (Representational picture) Reuters

Singapore's Central Police Division conducted a search operation in several unsilenced massage parlours and public entertainment outlets on Thursday, June 21. Police arrested nine women, aged between 20 and 41, for committing offences under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.

As reported the operation took place in areas such as Purvis Street Beach Road, Kitchener Road and Foch Road. During the raid, officers found that two massage establishments were running without a valid licence and one outlet was providing sexual services.

Later, police said in a statement that they arrested a 41-year-old woman for working without having valid work permit documents in a massage parlour, including remaining eight women, aged between 20 and 32, were taken into custody for committing the same offence.

In addition to that, the spokesperson said, one of the entertainment outlets was running by breaching the licencing rules.

The operator of those respective outlets will also face charges under the rules and regulations of the Public Entertainment Act and Massage Establishment Act (MEA).

In last month, there were two big operations took place in the island to arrest the offenders of similar cases. On May 3, police arrested four women, aged between 34 and 57, from unsilenced massage parlours located at Circular Road, Duxton Road, Gemmill Lane and Kitchener Road. The police said that while three of them were arrested for committing offences under Women's Charter, the fourth woman was nabbed for managing a place to communicate with a woman for the immoral purpose.

On May 17, offices raided into several unsilenced massage parlours and public entertainment outlets. They arrested 17 women from different establishments. As told by the police, they raided massage parlours located at Mosque Street, Sago Street and Trengganu Street and the public entertainment outlets at Sam Leong Road, Upp Circular Road, Magazine Road and Boat Quay.

This article was first published on June 25, 2018