Superintendent Ho Yenn Dar (L), assistant director of media relations of Singapore Police Force listens to questions from journalists on the international match-fixing scam at the Ministry of Home Affairs in Singapore February 6, 2013. Reuters (Representational Image)

Singapore Police Force (SPF) arrested 17 people following an eight-hour joint enforcement operation on nine public entertainment outlets that commenced at 10 pm on Saturday. The police said in a press release that out of those 17 people, 14 were women, who were caught appearing nude in a public place.

The SPF said two of the three men arrested were suspected members of an unlawful society. According to reports, one of the entertainment outlets was found to have breached the Public Entertainment Licensing Conditions, while, four others were found to have breached the Fire Safety Rules and Regulations.

The officers from Criminal Investigations Department, Traffic Police, Central Narcotics Bureau and the Singapore Civil Defence Force Division led the enforcement operation. The Traffic Police also conducted an enforcement operation against drink driving in the vicinity of Clemenceau Ave.

Nearly 28 motorists were checked and a man was arrested by the police for drink driving. The authorities said investigations are going on.