Singapore: Number of locally transmitted Zika cases rises to 41

NEA has already taken steps to monitor the situation and spread awareness.

Singapore, on Monday, confirmed that the number of people infected by the Zika virus has gone up to 41, most of whom are foreign construction workers. The Ministry of Health said that it is not hoping for any positive news soon as it is expecting to identify many more cases.

According to The Straits Times, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said the number of Zika virus cases is expected to rise as there is a high possibility of local transmissions.

Recently, a 47-year-old Malaysian woman living at Block 102 Aljunied Crescent was confirmed to have Zika virus infection.

Both MOH and NEA said in a joint news release that the patient had not travelled to Zika-affected areas recently and hence she was likely to have been infected in Singapore.

"She has since been hospitalised for observation at the CDC. The patient is currently well and recovering," the joint news release said.

However, Thirty-four patients have fully recovered and the other seven with prevalent symptoms remain in the hospital. All of the patients either live or work in the Aljunied Crescent and Sims Drive area.

NEA has already taken steps to monitor the situation at Aljunied Crescent and prepare the residents for the battle. MOH and NEA alerted the public to be very careful and also urged them to immediately and report patients with symptoms such as fever, rash and red eyes to MOH.

The agency has also put up posters at the lift landings of Block 102, providing background information on Zika. It has also informed residents about fogging that would take place in the area on Sunday morning.

On May 13, Singapore reported its first imported Zika virus case and this is the second of the confirmed Zika cases in this year.