Singapore: NTU offers lucrative scholarships to local and international scholars

NTU Singapore
NTU Singapore

Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is offering lucrative research scholarships to outstanding graduate students, both local and international. The scholarship will consist of a monthly stipend as well as a subsidy on tuition fee.

The scholarship offer is for those graduate students who wish to do research leading to a higher degree at the University. The candidate will have to take admission as a full-time scholar pursuing a Graduate Research programme at NTU.

To apply for the course, one must possess a First Class Honours or Second Class (Upper Division) Honours or its equivalent in graduation. Other criteria say that the candidate must not be employed or accept paid employment or concurrently hold any other scholarship during this course. The same goes for fellowship, bursary or top-up allowance during the scholarship period.

The scholarship will be awarded for a period of one year initially, after which it can be renewed if the candidate makes good progress. However, the maximum period of award is two years for Master's candidates and four years for PhD candidates.

The period is subject to schools and availability of research funding in each case. The monthly stipend will be given additionally to this to each candidate.

Scholars who clear the PhD Qualifying Examination or Confirmation may be eligible for additional stipend of $500 monthly. The stipend may be increased if the candidate performs well in research and meets the course standards. The scholarship also covers the annual tuition fees and is devoid of any bond.

Interested candidates can apply for the scholarship on the university's website and fill in the application form with all their details. The form appears under the "Application for Scholarship" area.

There are certain duties associated with the scholarship position. Candidates will be required to do research work as directed by the Chair of the School concerned. PhD scholars must assist in teaching duties for three hours a week for no remuneration.

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